2015 Summer Art Camp Q&A with Steven Stoll

6-5-15 052

Steven Stoll, Education Coordinator

This summer will be the first time Stoll will be teaching and managing the camp classes. He is very excited to be working with the program and has spent his time and efforts to make sure everything is perfect!

Q: What should kids expect from the summer classes?

A: This summer we have a lot of different classes; its very broad, which is very good medium wise. There’s collage classes, there’s classes where you can make outdoor art like outdoor sculptures. Most of our classes try to lean towards what is modern, what kids are into now and are interested in. We have a class on selfies, which is going to focus on self portraits. There’s even a Frozen class that’s centered around the movie and Mindcraft (both are full!).

Q: What classes are available for adults?

A: There is a sculpture materials and processes class that teaches more advanced forms of art. There’s Raku pottery, beginner wheel throwing, painting and drawing classes, and a grocery list of jewelry classes as well.

Q: Why is it important for kids to get involved with art early on?

A: It’s basically like planting seeds. I remember when I was young I was never really exposed to the Art Center but I had my own little projects going on at home. I was always making something. It all really stemmed from my dad drawing with me and so now it’s always been this hobby of mine that I’m able to use in my career. By planting the seeds when they are really young, the kids get really engaged with it. By starting out young you learn a lot about yourself through art. It’s very therapeutic.

Q: Is there anything parents should know about the classes?

A: This is a program that keeps kids entertained, engages their skills and includes educational components. Registration fills up quickly so it’s important to sign them up as soon as you can!

Stoll received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. He likes meeting the different Art Center patrons and having some studio time for his own projects too. His responsibilities include class registration, working with instructors to get ready for classes, facilitating Paint Your Own Pottery, and setting up Art Parties.


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