Why Intern at the Quincy Art Center?


The Art Center has been so fortunate this past summer to have not one, not two, but FOUR amazing interns work with our education and general programs! During their last weeks working with us, we posed the question “Why intern at the Quincy Art Center?” in order to increase awareness of our internship programs.

Reason number one: the variety of eager, talented students!

Each student that enters the Quincy Art Center is surrounded by inspiration from the current exhibit as well as pieces created by their teachers. This includes the interns who are able to work directly with the younger students.

Classes for preschool students to adults are offered, meaning each intern has the opportunity to work with younger and older children and volunteer to assist with teenage and adult classes.

Reason number two: you know you are making a positive influence on the Art Center!

When our interns complete their internships, they leave knowing how much we appreciate what they accomplish. Our education interns over the summer acted as assistants for the teachers, keeping classes full of younger children under control and making sure every student gets the help they might need.

Reason number three: every week is a new week!

The Quincy Art Center offers a variety of classes and programs around Quincy so that every event is not the same. Our summer education interns will experience working with new or returning students with a different class offered each week. This allows them to learn how to teach more than one group of students as well as learn more methods of teaching.

Our communication intern focuses on capturing and promoting everything that the Quincy Art Center has to offer. This includes sitting in on meetings, traveling to Art Center events, and creating posts or stories about everyday happenings.

Reason number four: your experiences will help you grow as a student!

Whether you plan to or are currently studying any form of art, communication, or education, the Quincy Art Center works to help individuals complete a well-rounded internship experience. This involves working with art and people in a variety of methods.

Over the summer, we partnered with the Quincy Community Theater to offer a Mary Poppins class that taught aspects from both art and theater. Our Midsummer Arts Faire “Art for Everyone!” was a huge hit and incorporated education and art for all ages. The “Leave Your Handprint” campaign going on now incorporated social media, broadcasting, and public speaking aspects of communication.

One of our High School Education Interns Courtney Stewart said the trait she most improved over the summer was patience. “When the students aren’t open to the projects we are working on at the time, you must become a kind and understanding teacher in order to show them how fun it can be.”

College Education Intern Caleigh Hill appreciated the setting of the program and the time management skills she learned. “I was not used to being around children for so long, but I learned how to lengthen lessons and surround myself with enough work to balance out the day.”

Communication Intern Courtney Gear found that her daily social media work and projects reflected her college education. “You are told what you should know in a classroom. When you have to apply what you learned to a real job, that’s when you remember more than you thought you knew.”

Reason number five: the staff is encouraging and fun to be around!

There is nothing more helpful than to work with a professional who can teach you about parts of your future career AND show they appreciate you at the same time! Our interns are treated as professionals and are expected to be prepared for anything the day has to offer. If there is an event to record or a class to help teach, the staff encourages students to participate so they learn from experience.

These five reasons only scratch the surface of an internship experience at the Art Center! Each person who walks through the doors to see the exhibits, take an art class, or volunteer counts as a reason to the hard-working staff and interns.

So, WHY NOT intern at the Quincy Art Center!

For more information about Education and Communication positions, please contact us at 217-223-5900 or stop in for a visit between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


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