An Interview with Steven Stoll


Steven Stoll: featured artist in The mARkeT Reveal Gala, art education extraordinaire, and best beard running three years in a row! If you don’t know Steven Stoll, our Art Education Coordinator & Exhibition Preparator, then you should! Get to know the legend.

How excited are you to reveal your artwork to it’s new owner at The mARkeT Reveal Gala event this weekend!?

  • So excited! *laughs*


Is this your first time creating a commissioned piece of art?  

  • Yes, in this setting.


As an artist, why is this event so unique?

  • Honestly, this is just a really cool event for Quincy to be doing. It’s an excellent way to support local artists within our community, as well as raise money for the Art Center.


What’s on your artistic bucket list for the year?

  • Short term, I have about five or six giant charcoal drawings that will be on display next month at the St. Patrick’s Day Art Crawl. I’m also working on some large sculptures that intermix ceramic, foam, and fabric.


What makes you feel accomplished?

  • Having a studio practice. It feels like my own adult club house. My formal education was in ceramics and I really enjoy how I feel when I’m in the studio. It’s as if everything else shuts off and I become a different person. It’s where I’m most in my element.


Where did you receive your formal education?

  • I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for four years.


What did you enjoy most about your time in Chicago?

  • Constantly being pushed, motivated, and surrounded by like-minded individuals. There was a communal aspect to the creative process. A former instructor of mine, William J. O’Brien, encouraged us to think about drawing as a vehicle into other materials. I’m constantly using that advice and thinking about new and interesting ways to expand my art practice.


Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

  • I never saw myself working in a museum setting, or a non-profit for that matter. I always pictured myself doing more of the fabrication side of things in a ceramics studio. It’s really cool working here though. I enjoy the exhibition preparator aspect, as well as meeting kids who are highly motivated by the arts. I love constantly meeting new people.


What’s your philosophy in life?

  • To use your time wisely. My dad taught me many things by example. He was a problem solver and would spend his free time in productive ways, usually pursuing his passion. He showed me that you could spend your time during the day to make a living, and your time outside of work to make a life.  


Do you have a quote or mantra that you live by?

  • Yes! It’s by one of my favorite artists, Constantin Brancusi.
    Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.”


To see Steven’s artwork revealed at The mARkeT Reveal Gala purchase your ticket at:



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