Kayla Obert, Organizer Of All Things Art


Who is Kayla Obert? Most likely you have been greeted by her lovely face upon entering the Quincy Art Center, but did you know she is part of the glue that keeps this organization running smoothly? Kayla’s official title is Arts Programs & Office Manager. Helping to coordinate, organize, and understand programs, events, and people such as: ArtFest, Q-Fest, smART kids, class registration, volunteers, and opening receptions is her specialty. Kayla was sweet enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to let us get to know her a little better! 

How long have you been with the Quincy Art Center?

  • I started as a weekend worker in May, 2014 and in August of that year I was offered the front desk manager position. I became full-time here in July, 2016 working for the Art Center and the Midsummer Arts Faire, which is now referred to as Q-Fest.

Is there any difference between Midsummer Arts Faire and Q-Fest aside from the name change? 

  • The main difference is that we are now collaborating with more organizations, four in total. They include The District, Quincy Art Center, Great River Restaurant Association, and the Quincy Arts Festival organization (formerly Midsummer Arts Faire). We also changed the date to the first weekend in June.

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • I am usually playing on my guitar, learning covers, or writing my own songs. When the weather’s nice you can usually find me gardening or playing sports outside. I try to squeeze in time for my own art such as painting and jewelry making.

What do you consider your major values?

  • “Family & Faith First” that pretty much sums it up. I am the second of seven children, and every Sunday night is family dinner at my parents’ house. When it’s warm out we grill and play backyard volleyball. I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins that I’m also very close to.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

  • I really like meeting and connecting with all the local artists. Getting to know them and their styles to the point where you can recognize their work without even seeing a signature is pretty cool. I also really love my co-workers!

What is the next big opportunity for local artists to get involved?

There are a few coming up!

  • First is the Biennial Quad-State Competition. Local artists can enter up to five pieces of art by April 9.
  • Second artists can further enhance their skills by taking classes here year-round. Or they can propose & submit a class to teach.
  • Third is Q-Fest on June 3 & 4, and ArtFest on September 16. For Q-Fest there are volunteer opportunities for artists to help with hands on activities or donate small art pieces to be sold in the Young Collectors Gallery. For ArtFest we are always looking for artists to do demonstrations, or offer a free hands-on activity.

If anyone has questions can they just get a hold of you? 

  • Yes, absolutely! For any questions regarding Q-Fest specifically I can be reached at (217) 779-2285.  For all other questions call the Quincy Art Center at (217)223-5900, and I can assist them personally.

I know that you often refer to inspirational/motivational quotes. Do you have a favorite one currently?

  • Haha, yes! Lately my motivating quote has been “Stop Saying, Start Doing.” One of my favorites is “If you really want something you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

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