The Times They Are A-Changin’ | Staff Updates!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Quincy Art Center is going through some internal changes! Steven Stoll, our education coordinator, has stepped back from his current duties to take a position at Dot Foods. Steven will stay on as an Exhibition Preparator and instructor but will pass all things education to Kayla Obert.

 Instead of seeing Kayla’s lovely face at the front desk, Elizabeth Rankin and Vicki Sandercock will be there to greet you! Elizabeth and Vicki have helped with tours, taught classes, and worked the front desk over the weekends. If you haven’t met them yet, make sure to stop in and say hello!

 While we will miss seeing Steven pretty much every day, he will still be around and involved in the Art scene in Quincy. Steven has done an awesome job providing art opportunities for our community and now it is his time to focus on his own personal artwork. This time of change is a perfect opportunity to reflect over the past 3 years and get some good stories from Steven.

What is the craziest thing one of your students has said to you? 

There are two really good ones that I will never forget. One time I had an Art Club student finish her project early and so she was drawing with some crayons until everyone was finished. I walked around to look what she was drawing and ask her what it was. She said, “this is a picture of me bringing a beer to my daddy” and the image had her carrying a silver platter with a Bud Light on it.

The second time was in the Art After School Program at St. Francis. I had a student ask me, “Mr. Steven, have you ever had a small animal, like a chipmunk ever live in your beard?”

I heard you really laid down the law on teens inappropriately dancing at the Beaux Arts Ball. Is this true?

This is true. The other staff and I were chaperoning & dancing on the side of all of the high school kids. The song “Get Low” by Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz started playing. If you don’t know, this song has some filthy lyrics in it. I noticed some of the kids singing along, and once the chorus came around (which is the filthiest) they all start screaming the lyrics. I quickly took off my QAC name tag and held it in the air like I was a police officer. I yelled “I am Quincy Art Center staff! This is Inappropriate! Watch those dirty mouths! Get it together!” They looked at me in shock.

Out of all the exhibitions, which one has been your favorite. Why?

My favorite exhibit would have to be Susan Chrysler White’s solo show in the Katherine Gardner Stevenson Gallery. Her approach to painting and her process really inspired me within my own studio practice. I remember this was the only show where I would go in the gallery on my breaks. I would sit and dissect the steps on how she executed those monster paintings. Her approach was like the act of printmaking- working with a bunch of layers with some elements of collage.

Did the resident Art Center ghosts ever scare you?

I’ve had a few bump-ins with the QAC ghosts. Besides randomly hearing footsteps, or voices in the other room while I was the only one in the building, there is one creepy moment that really stuck with me. Elizabeth Rankin, a QAC instructor, and I were downstairs late at night working on some painting examples for some art parties that were coming up the next day. We got to a drying stage and one of the paintings was looking perfect, so we both went upstairs to the kitchen to get glasses of water and something to eat. We went back downstairs to check up on the drying process and if it needed any other small touch-ups. When we looked at the painting, “someone or something” took their finger and made a 3-4” vertical swipe through the wet paint. Let me remind you we were the only ones in the building. Freaky, right?

Would you like to say anything sappy about working at the Art Center?

The Quincy Art Center will always hold a special place in my heart, even though I’m not leaving entirely I will miss seeing everyone every day. The staff has really become a family to me the past three years. This position has made me grow professionally as well as personally. With such a small staff, we get to know each other so well.  I will miss our “question of the day”, Monday weekend recaps, staff field trips, and our post-opening celebrations.

Congratulations to Steven, Kayla, Elizabeth, and Vicki on their new positions! Stop by our location and congratulate them anytime we are open which is Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Steven will be in and out of the Art Center and has pledged to be on the Halloween Art Crawl so everyone can see his new artwork!


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