Meet Amber Smith: A Framing Extraordinaire

amber at frameshopAmber Smith, artist, art lover, an avid classic rock fan takes a moment out of her busy day to chat with Lana about her business Rosewood Custom Framing.

Amber graduated from Culver-Stockton College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in painting. She has worked in the framing industry for 8+ years while pursuing her personal development as an Artist. In 2015, she purchased the frame shop in Granite Bank Gallery and opened under the name Rosewood Custom Framing. In November 2016, Amber made a big move and opened at her current location at 729 Hampshire. She wanted a larger workspace for framing and a gallery space where she could show local artwork.

With a few renovations, the location at Hampshire street was transformed into a beautiful gallery in front and functional workspace in the back. Amber has artwork, pottery, and even handmade custom-made frames for sale. She shares that she has a dream of one day having her own line of frames made from rosewood, a beautiful reddish-brown wood, which inspired the name of her business.

IMG_5251As we are chatting, a customer comes in with a wedding photo he would like framed. I walk to the back and chat with her dad Larry, who is her second-hand man. Larry helped Amber with the renovations and shows up daily to help around the shop. Larry shares that Rosewood Custom Framing is not only in the business of preserving artwork, they preserve memories. Projects are as small as old family photos and as large as stained glass church windows. One of their more exciting projects was to frame old stained-glass confessional windows from St. John’s Church.









Larry shows me the before and after photos of a 1940’s family portrait of his and Amber’s ancestors. He shares that the photo had been tucked away in a box for many years,  and now it is beautifully framed and hanging on his wall at home where he can see it and enjoy it.

Amber, who has finished helping the customer, shares that they can preserve family keepsakes, needlework, and really anything people desire. Unique frames and shadow boxes make the family heirlooms look excellent, while archival mats and museum glass help items from fading and deterioration.

Rosewood Custom Framing has partnered with the Quincy Art Center to help preserve the artwork in our Permanent Collection through an in-kind Sustaining Partnership. Amber has matted, framed, and totally transformed select pieces for this year’s Permanent Collection Exhibition which opens this Friday, July 21, 2017.  Thank you to Rosewood Custom Framing for their support of the visual arts in Quincy!

During the Gallery talk at 7:30 p.m. Amber will talk about the process she went through to improve the looks and preservation of each piece. Make sure to join us!


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